Coroplast Signs
Coroplast is a corrugated plastic that is available in different thicknesses, such as 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. It consists of two pieces of flat plastic attached by hollow flutes that run between the flat surfaces. Think of Coroplast as cardboard made entirely out of plastic.
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Yard Signs
  • Lawn Signs
  • Election Signs
Other Common Names
  • Campaign Signs
  • Plastic Signs
  • For Sale Signs
  • Selfie Signs
Available in any Size
Full Color - Direct Printing
Order any quantity
Top 10 Sizes - In groups of 6
   $12.50 ea
   $7.91 ea
   $6.66 ea
   $10 ea
   $30 ea
   $5.42 ea
   $9.16 ea
   $30 ea
   $15 ea
   $4.16 ea
Ways to display
  • Nail signs to walls and fences
  • Display signs on H-Stands
  • Hang signs from real estate sign posts
  • Place signs in A-Frames
  • Lean signs against walls and windows
  • Hang signs from windows and doors
  • Nail signs to wooden stakes in the ground
  • Suspend signs from ceilings
  • Place signs in retail sign holders and stands
  • String signs up through their flutes
  • Place signs on a shelf
Facts about signage

Approximately 68% of consumers believe that the quality of signage reflects a company's products or services.

Nearly 75% of consumers say that they've told someone about a business because of its signage.

Close to 60% of consumers say that the absence of signs deters them from entering a store or business.

Almost 76% of consumers enter a store or business that they've never entered before based on its signage.

Around 67% of consumers purchased a product or service because a signs caught their eye.

More than half of all consumers believe that poor quality signage deters them from entering a place of business.

Source: FedEx Office Survey: Standout Signs Contribute to Sales

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