Direct to Garment VS Silk Screening

Which one is right for your custom printed apparel?

When choosing a print method for your custom printed apparel you may hear about DTG printing and Silk screening. There are pros and cons to both. Hopefully the below list and comparison will help make your choice simple.

DTG Printing Pros

  • Usually a quicker turnaround time than silk screening.

  • No set up costs and more cost effective when the order quantity is less than 100.

  • Full color printing at no extra charge.

  • Fine details will look perfect since the artwork is printed at a high resolution.

  • Artwork requires no special setup before printing.

DTG Printing Cons

  • Printing on dark garments may appear less vibrant and grainy.

  • You won't be able to match Pantone colors exactly since printing is done in CMYK.

  • Gets pretty expensive in high quantities.

Silk Screening Pros

  • Very durable.

  • Works best with simple designs up to 6 colors.

  • Very cost effective in high quantities.

Silk Screening Cons

  • Very expensive in short quantities between 1 and 15 pieces.

  • Usually limited to 6 colors, anything over risks print errors and gets complicated/expensive.

Which method should you choose?

For those who are new to printing apparel, you’re probably wondering which method is best for you. Before making a decision, review the pros and cons of each and ask yourself the questions below. Normally price will play a large role in your decision. When price is a major deciding point, you will want to look at the quantity needed for your requirement. If you need more than 15 pieces of apparel printed, chances are silk screening is your best option. Below are some questions to consider before making your decision.

  1. How many do you need printed? Just a few or more than 15?

  2. How quickly do you need them?

  3. Is the artwork complicated with many small fine details?

  4. How many colors is the artwork?

If you have any more questions, or are ready to start the custom apparel process, our team at Ambrotek is ready to help. We provide both DTG Printing and Silk Screening at the most competitive prices with full guidance of the process along the way.


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